PPM Auditing

itd Consultants Limited offer a range of consultancy services extending beyond the traditional design and specification of mechanical and electrical engineering services.  The significant benefits to be gained in operating costs and reliability from maintaining the condition of these engineering installations are becoming increasingly recognised by Building Managers and operators.  This is particularly relevant to maintaining the future residual value of assets and minimising demands on capital expenditure.  With many years of experience itd Consultants are able to support their clients in this regard.  Typically, for each package of works itd would:-

  • Identify the assets within a particular property
  • Produce a comprehensive specification for servicing and maintaining the installations in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations
  • Liaise with Clients over the appointment of a suitable maintenance provider
  • Assist with the procurement of providers by negotiation or competitive tender
  • Oversee the appointment of such a provider including setting to work a suitable contract.



Post appointment we are able to provide an extended service through the entire life cycle of the engineering installation by undertaking independent audits of the service and maintenance contractor’s performance.

This enables identification of any shortfalls or lack of expertise that may in some way be detrimental to the client’s assets.  itd Consultants offer on-going consultation in all aspects of the engineering installation such that our Clients are presented with recommendations for repair, replacement and upgrade in line with current market expectations and Government Legislation.