Chichester Business Park, Plots 1-5

  • Design and coordination of the site infrastructure and utility services for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Plots 1-5 development at Chichester Business Park. Phase 1 consists of 9no new industrial units and Phase 2 consists of 5no new industrial units.
  • External lighting design scheme for the site, whilst demonstrating compliance with the Environmental policies required as part of the planning conditions.
  • Shell and core design of the mechanical, electrical and plumbing services within the Phase 1 units, including mains low voltage distribution and sub distribution, general lighting, emergency lighting, automatic fire detection, domestic water services, core mechanical ventilation systems and core heating systems.
  • Coordination of the new on-site electrical substations and landlord’s centralised electric distribution.
  • Design of renewable energy for the development, including photovoltaic systems on multiple buildings. The total PV connections is in excess of 258kWp for Phase 1.
  • Design of the infrastructure, cabling and electrical distribution for 26no electric vehicle charging stations for Phase 1, each rated at 7.2kW.