HQube, Theale

A refurbishment of a large 4 storey industrial facility with office spaces. The proposal was to reuse as much as possible of the existing services infrastructure and main equipment plant, but also involved replacement of certain elements including the main warehouse floor AHUs and the lighting throughout. The warehouse was stripped down to an open core with a large overhaul of the electrical distribution arrangements.

A new canopy entrance was formed together with a high specification reception area. The mains incoming electricity supply was upgraded to 1500 kVA to maximise the development's application potential.

  • New AHUs
  • All new fan coil units for the offices spaces
  • Reuse of chiller and boiler plant (with servicing and remedials)
  • Extensive overhaul of the BMS
  • New lighting and automatic controls
  • Electrical distribution overhaul
  • High specification reception area
  • Split load metering of LV distribution boards
  • Open plan office area installation